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I read a lot.. A LOT.. I love reading, and prefer good thrillers and mysteries. While there’s a good supply of books in this genre, finding the good ones isn’t as easy as one might think. I continously find thrillers that seem “right up my alley”, but end up shaking my head with disappointment after reading halfway through… yet I still keep reading.

Once I’ve started a book, I can’t let it go.. it doesn’t matter if the book is terrible, I simply have to finish it.

This blog will be my attempt at both letting you guys out there know about which books I’m reading, but also what I have read and what I thought about them. My hope is that you then will share your favorites with me; the only thing I ask is that those favorites are thrillers or mysteries. I have nothing against other genres, I’d just prefer to keep this blog about this particular genre.


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