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The Templar Legacy - Steve Berry

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I’ll start this off with the punchline, so you really don’t have to read any further. Simply put, this book rocks. There, I’ve said it, that’s my review. No further comments needed.

Oh well.

Cotton Malone is a retired CIA-officer who’s moved from Atlanta to Copenhagen (Denmark) and opened a bookstore. However, as he’s visited by his old boss, and she’s attacked in broad daylight, he’s unwillingly thrown back into the fire, leading him on a cat and mouse trail across Europe in search of a Templar secret, chased by unknown murderers who are after information only Cotton’s boss has.

The foundation of the plot is scaringly similar to The Da Vinci code, but have no fear, this is much better. Unlike Dan Brown, Steve Berry not only weaves a good yarn, he is also a well accomplished writer.

While I’d put this book in the light weight category, it’s definately not of the same character as Caleb Carr’s The Alienist, for example, The Templar Legacy is both entertaining and thought provoking, and I actually ended up reading every book Berry has written after starting out with this one. Again, unlike Brown, Berry’s books all stand very well by themselves, and not one reminds you of the other.

Final Score 4/5


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