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What to read next?

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No review today, but a little bit of philosophy I guess.

I just finished a book today, this time CJ Sansom’s latest, and somewhere down the line you’ll see my complete review of this masterpiece. Finishing a good book is a bit of a bittersweet sensation. When reading something really good, I always have a hard time putting it down. I’ve put my nose in a book and when I looked up again it was 8 hours later. I’m not kidding, it happens to me.

While I have this feeling that I just HAVE to finish the book to find out what’s going to happen, I also feel a bit sad when the book is finished. The moment that I close the book for the last time, never to open it again. Characters who I’ve gotten to know but might not hear from again, places I’ve been to that I will never go to again.

Now I’m not sure what to read next. It’s not that I don’t have any options, quite the opposite, I have too many options. The following books are currently residing on the top of my pile:

Kathy Reich - Break no bones
Peter Robinson - Piece of my heart
Chris Kuzneski - Sword of God

Which one should I pick? Any readers of this blog feel like nudging me in any particular direction? I’m open for suggestion.

Feedburner added

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Just a quick note that I’ve now linked myself to Feedburner and set up a few syndication options to the right in case you use one of those RSS-readers.

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