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Sign of the Cross - Chris Kuzneski

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This one caught my eye in the bookstore with a dashing cover and an interesting teaser on the back. Murder, links to early Christian history, archeology, what could be wrong?

Well.. most of it actually.

I had never read anything else by Chris Kuzneski, so I wasn’t really sure of what to get, but I picked this one up and then a few weeks later, on the same premises, got the sequel without having read the first one.
The story started up well enough, with a mystical abduction of a young Catholic priest and his subsequent crucifixion. The setting changes to an archeological dig in Italy where two unbeknowing archeologists are attacked by professional hitmen in a helicopter and are forced to flee the scene of a discovery of immense historical proportions.

Introducing Payne and Jones, two uber-elite-ninja-commandos. One a former soldier, turned multi-billionaire, the other his muscular sidekick. They’re sent off as would be bounty hunters after the the missing archeologists and at the same time get tangled up in the murder-investigation for the crucified priest, all while gradually unravelling the plot of the secrets found at the archeological dig.

The story bears a certain resemblance to the Da Vinci code, in that it’s built up as a chase, but even though I don’t think DVC is a brilliant piece of literature, it’s still better than “Sign of the Cross,” mostly because I simply cannot stand the central characters.

Final Score 2/5

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