The Righteous MenI found this book lying at Borders and more or less bought it based on the theme and presentation on the back, an approach that usually works best for me rather than reading reviews (ok, that’s a great way to induce readers to follow my blog). In this case, I made a good choice.

As you might have realized from some of my other reviews, I have a tendency to pick thrillers with both historic and religious themes, and with The Righteous Men, this is also the case; this time with Judaism rather than Christianity though.

The main character in Sam Bourne’s debut novel is british journalist Will Monroe, living in New York City with his wife. While investigating a possible link between two murders on opposite ends of the United States, Monroe comes home from a trip to Seattle to find his wife has been kidnapped.

As the story progresses, Monroe is desperately trying to find his wife, as well as trying to figure out the link between the first two murders, which are not the only ones in a series of murders spanning the entire world. The motive is slowly introduced to the reader in a well written storyline that had me spellbound from cover to cover.

Great serial-killer novel, with religious tie-ins.

Final Grade: 4/5

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